Korean Male Voice (RVC V2 - Vocal Data NOT Included) [1000 Epochs]

Created: April 12, 2024
Korean Male Voice (RVC V2 - Vocal Data NOT Included) [1000 Epochs]

Hello! This time, I've created a voice model for a Korean male. Since this voice model does not include a vocal dataset, it's hard to have high expectations for high notes. However, since it does have basic pitch data, I think it can cover light songs.

If you need a Korean male voice model that covers all the way to high notes, please wait until next week and then download the subsequent model. Currently, we are recording with the voice actor, and once the cleanup is complete, it will probably be uploaded early next week. <:catblush:1159361904301580300>

Information :

Model :
Model Name : Korean Male Voice

Train info :
1000 Epochs
Batch size per GPU : 48

Dataset - source Info :
45 Mins of Speech
2 Mins of Sing

Dataset - source correction :
Pretrained by KLM v7

Model Link - https://huggingface.co/SeoulStreamingStation/IU-Voice-MultiLanguage-V1/resolve/main/Kor_Male_KLMv7.zip?download=true

Additional Details:

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Download Link: https://huggingface.co/SeoulStreamingStation/IU-Voice-MultiLanguage-V1/resolve/main/Kor_Male_KLMv7.zip?download=true