Langley (Azur Lane) [JP] (RVC v2) (330 Epochs)

Created: February 21, 2024
Langley (Azur Lane) [JP] (RVC v2) (330 Epochs)


**//Other Info**
**Dataset Amount:** ~10:24 minutes.
**Steps:** 5400
**Batch File Size:** 8
**Creator:** NoIdea4Username (Me)
**Voice Actor:** Haruka Yoshimura

The United States' first aircraft carrier, converted from a coal ship named the Jupiter, then a seaplane tether. She was attacked by Japanese aircraft off the coast of Java, which prompted her crew to scuttle her. Because she was the first and the smollest, she's depicted as a smol teacher. Consists of both Langley I and Langley II (since Langley II is essentially her reborn as another ship of the same name). Voice lines taken from game via the Azur Lane Wiki."

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