Bad Bunny (RVC V2) 500 Epochs [RMVPE]

Created: August 18, 2023
Bad Bunny (RVC V2) 500 Epochs [RMVPE]

Dataset and trained by: <@270552951800594442>
Dataset Length: 19 mins (111 audio clips)
Target Sample Rate: 40k
Trained on [RMVPE]

Friend requested him hope y'all enjoy! I don't speak Spanish btw

Huggingface Link :

Doing commissions for personal models! Prices will be discussed, dm me for any questions or if interested! Also hit up <@954506245425987687> if I'm fully booked! Please also review the "please_read" pdf to understand purchasing a personal model!

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Tags: Artist, RVC v2, EspaƱol

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