RVC Disconnected 0.25 with RIN_E3


Hot on the heals of OV2Super another pretrained option. Here is the official announcement:

Ladies a gentlemen get ready for the next challenger - RIN_E3

We didn’t get the RVC V3, so we made a replacement for it. Yaharo! my name is MUSTAR, I'm just a random guy:MenheraNom3:, I've made a pretrain Working together with @SimplCup [RU/EN] @Blaise @alexolotl (NOT da me!!) @Aleks29 RIN is a totally new English pretrain made from a scratch. :MenheraCountOnMe:

Specs dataset: 140 hrs

epochs: 50

steps: 1040928

sample rate: 40k

hardware trained on: rtx 4080, a100

i didn't done a lot of tests\\\\models, so feel free to compare pretrains and experiment

Download link-https://huggingface.co/MUSTAR/RIN_E3/tree/main zip link-https://huggingface.co/MUSTAR/RIN_E3/resolve/main/RIN_E3.zip?download=true